YouTube launches a new resource site for songwriters and producers

YouTube has announced their new artist resource site for both songwriters and producers, in addition to their teams.

Eric Knapp, YouTube’s head of music publishing partnerships, announced YouTube’s new dedicated resource site for artists and producers at A2IM Indie Week in New York City reports MusicTech.

The home for songwriters on YouTube

YouTube is billing its new hub as “The Home For Songwriters On YouTube” as it provides the latest news and educational resources for music makers. Features and resources are tailor-made for creators who want to showcase their music as they grow their audience “through the power of a YouTube channel”.


Knapp states that the hub provides “the blueprint for songwriter, producer, mixer composer engineer to get started growing and maintaining their own digital discography on YouTube.”

Image Credit: MusicTech

YouTube Music tweeted a link to the Songwriters tab within the hub. Here there are a number of topics that songwriters can make the most of.


For example, content that covers “songwriters & producers,” “publishers and societies,” “insider tips”, and “content strategies” allows songwriters to stay in the know with the latest advice ad stories while trying to get their music heard. Furthermore, the hub presents more information about making the most of YouTube Shorts!

Image Credit: YouTube

Much like Spotify’s recently announced In Focus, YouTube describes its hub platform as “a central hub for your discography”.


Under the Songwriters & Producers” tab, explanatory content describes how both can use the platform to grow their channels, use YouTube as a promotional tool, and tips on reaching out to other creators in the space too.


All in all, YouTube’s content hub is set to be a desirable educational resource. It’ll allow songwriters and producers to make more informed decisions about their content, their career, and their music.;


Don’t forget to take a look at the new Hub here!





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