Label profiles are also available on some DSPs. Claiming your label profiles will give you access to the data of all the releases you released under your label.

Claim Label Pages


  • Create a label account on Name the account after your label and use your label email address for the account
  • Use  this form to verify your label page
  •     Enter your official company email address
  • Send a blank email using the above email address to You will receive an auto-reply containing a 7 digit code. Then enter the code on the form
  • Once your label page is verified, you can claim it on Spotify for Artists


  1. Reach out to your distributor ( to set up your Beatport label page. Your distributor would have to do so manually by submitting an application to Beatport, and Beatport would have to accept it
  2. Beatport is a specialist store for Electronic Dance music. All labels must be pre-approved by Beatport before deliveries can start. If your label does not meet these criteria, it may not be approved. Also, if your label is approved, and content is received that is not deemed relevant, Beatport curation and content teams may remove the content from their store.
  3. After you’ve claimed your label page, if you need to make any updates in the future, you can use this form to send a request to Beatport’s team
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