TikTok has taken the world by storm and now YouTube intend to with their short-form videos launching in over 100 countries around the world.

YouTube Shorts is the world’s biggest video platform’s answer to TikTok. The new home for videos under 60 seconds on YouTube, Shorts let creators combine music with their short recordings. Shorts even brings a video recorder and editor into the YouTube app.


First launched in India as a test last year, then later launched in the US in May; YouTube Shorts is now available in the YouTube app in over 100 countries. Shorts’ launch brings a new tab to explore in the app as well as all the creator tools users need to create and upload their own shorts on the fly.


There doesn’t seem to be a readily available list of the countries in which YouTube Shorts is now available. We know that it launched in 24 countries including the UK last month.

Where is YouTube Shorts available?

Shorts content has actually been available for all YouTube users for months, simply without the creator tools and specific in-app home. In fact, vertical videos under 60 seconds in length automatically count as Shorts and are added into the section in countries where it is available. Using #Shorts in the title will also help raise your content as defined Shorts content.

Get your music on YouTube Shorts

We’re partnered with YouTube to make your music available for use in creators’ Shorts with the potential to be seen by millions or become the soundtrack to the next big dance craze or trend.


Simply upload your music at www.jonomdigital.xyz and select YouTube Content ID.


We’re also partnered with TikTok and Instagram so you can make your music available on all of the huge new short video platforms and go viral.



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