How to add lyrics to your songs on Instagram Stories

With Jonom Digital we make it free and easy to add your music to Facebook and Instagram Stories. With Musixmatch you can add synced lyrics to your songs.


When you distribute your music through Jonom Digital for free, choose Facebook/Instagram to get your music added to Facebook’s content ID system. You’ll get paid when your music is used in videos on the platforms. This will also upload your music to Facebook and Instagram Stories via the Music sticker.


Facebook and Instagram Stories with your music attached is a great way to promote your music on social media.

Musixmatch lets you easily add and sync up lyrics for your music on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Shazam, Apple Music, Google, Amazon Music and more


It’s easy to get started with Musixmatch:

  1. Sign up to Musixmatch
  2. .Get verified.
  3. Content managers will get in contact to confirm verification.
  4. Download the desktop or mobile app.
  5. Add your lyrics and sync them with the music.
  6. Wait for approval from the Musixmatch team.
  7. Add the music with lyrics to your Stories.

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