Exclusive Services of Jonom Digital

Good News for Artists and Record label !

Jonom Digital launch their Streaming Platforms name The Artists part of Jonom Music.


How to Release to Jonom Music?

Whenever you submit your release at Step 3 you will see the option showing in Image below

You have to choose with (Yes/No).



The Artists will provide 30/20% Revenue

  • If you choose Free plan to Jonom Digital then total Revenue percent will be 70% plus 30% all total 100% Revenue.
  • If you choose Paid Plan to Jonom Digital the total Revenue percent will be 80% plus 20% all total 100% Revenue.



Artists and Record Label can sell their Music to audience, fans, Music club, Disco and many more by sharing the links of your songs whatever revenue you generate for your songs Jonom Digital will updates to your Wallet.

You can see your Report of who has Downloaded your Songs to Dashboard.


Music Contest

We also provide music contest services with some reward or Gifts to Fans.


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