How to cliam Spotify Artist Profile?

The following are steps for artists to claim artist profiles:

  1. Download the Spotify for Artists App as under:

download S4A app (iOS)

download S4A app (Android)

Web version Spotify For Artists Web

2) Register on Spotify for artist with the same email ID used for login into main Spotify App

3) Claim your artist profile here: claim your S4A artist profile (for artists and managers only)

4) Link your Facebook,Instagram & Twitter profiles on the app for better profile visibility.


  1. The app is for the artist, and the artist can then decide additional logins for their team using the “Add Team Member” function. As an artist you can decide who (at the music label, artist management, agency, etc) can access insights.

2. Labels get Spotify Analytics – if you have received                  this message, it is because you are an artist or an                    artist manager who can pass this email to your                        respective artists

3. The app gives analytics based on all the                                      TRACKS/ALBUMS where you have been credited as a              performing artist. If you find any tracks missing,                      please notify me.

4. As we have just launched in India, if you come across            any errors (metadata, credits or other issues) you can            report the same to us and we will try our best to get it            corrected as soon as possible.

5. The app allows you to change your profile pic, select              a  playlist or a song as your Hot “Artist’s Pick,” view                your top markets, create playlists, submit a song to                  our global editorial team, and much more. We suggest            you explore the app and also read the FAQ docs and                videos as mentioned below.

6. This app DOES NOT allow you to upload any music                   on your own. As Spotify, we encourage you to go                     thru a label or a distributor to get your content on                  the platform – after which you can use this tool to                  see how its doing on the platform, and also helps                   you connect to your fans and promote what you                     want (you can also pitch your songs for playlists).

7. The app DOES NOT give you any financial reports –                you need to get that from your respective labels.

8. This page has a lot of useful videos that have been                   created especially for you.

9.Please feel free to reach out to us via email or                            phone for anything you need on this.

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